Marbella Gallery Weekend / Gallerías de arte contemporáneo de Marbella


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Exhibit: Constructing an immaginary.
Artists: Gioele Amaro, Guy Yanai, Sheida Soleimani, Ardeshir Tabrizi, Moffat Takadiwa.
Curatorial text: Domenico de Chirico.
Private visit:
A contemporary art gallery working with national and international artists. Building a bridge between different cultures, we promote dialogue and intellectual growth. In addition to the conventional exhibition spaces, the gallery has other indoor spaces and outdoor gardens that provide an unparalleled setting for viewing the works of art.

Exhibit: Geometries in the feminine Being and its freedom.
Artist: Teresa Carneiro.
Presents the exhibition "Geometries in the female being and its freedom". Melancholic women of apparent fragility manifest their empowerment through the geometric lines that crown the material force in contrast to their free and feminine spiritual being.
Their work is charged with figurative pop reminiscences, together with an extraordinary mastery of drawing, colour on wood and die-cut forms are intended to encompass not only the dimensionality of the Spatial Universe, but also the Universe of Ideas, the Universe of all Possibilities.... of life and death... of the visible and the invisible.

Exhibit: La Comprensión del Caos.
Artist: Rosa Muñoz.
Curatorial text: Julieta de Haro
*La artista estará presente
Rosa Muñoz, one of the greatest exponents of constructed photography, in which her first works are inscribed, has not ceased throughout her artistic career to experiment and to press her own language, overflowing it and conquering a third dimension. This sign of identity, in which the artist is recognised in her latest productions, places the spectator in front of enigmatic and shapeless pieces that reveal the fundamental questions that Muñoz has been tackling.

Exhibit: Fotoperformance
Curator: Juan Montiel Rozas
Artists: Flávia Junqueira, Claudia Rogge, Dora Smék, Paul Setúbal.
A commitment to four photographic views that disavow the regimes of political correctness and broaden the perspective of the art object itself. Here the body becomes a porous surface which, at the same time, reflects identity conflicts and hierarchies in power relations

The South American Giant - Introduction to the Brazilian art scene. Juan Montiel, cultural manager, curator and art critic, graduate in art history from the University of Malaga and Master's degree in the history of contemporary art and visual culture from the Complutense and Autonomous Universities of Madrid, will speak.
Reiners Contemporary Art is a space dedicated to strictly contemporary art, taking on artistic practice as a laboratory of the senses that is constantly questioning the cultural dynamics and the very social function of art.

Exhibit 1:Monte Verita
Artista: Eric Massholder

Exhibit 2: In search of Paradise Lost
Artista: Alexis de Vilar
Private visit:
The Gallery offers a unique space to support and promote both established and emerging artists from the Middle East and around the world. The gallery seeks out the most innovative works of art through a careful selection process of pieces from major collections, auctions and art fairs around the world.

Exhibit: Life of the Deceased.
Artist: Ana Barriga.
Numerous awards confirm it as one of the strongest values of Spanish painting today. He presents his second individual exhibition with Yusto/Giner: 'La vida del difunto'. His work refers to universal themes: sexuality, religion, politics and death are central themes that he tackles through play, humour and irony, which allows him to alleviate the dramatic burden that these may contain.

Art Miami: At the same time, the proposal for this year's edition of the fair in Miami will be exhibited in a gallery. This year's edition will take place online and will be a group show with the artists Ángeles Agrela, Ana Barriga, Julio Anaya Cabanding and Imon boy.

Exhibit: Chasing the ice.
Artist: Maiju Tirri.
Private visit:
The artist of Finnish origin has lived surrounded by ice and snow for most of her childhood winters. She has always felt overwhelmed by the beauty of this landscape that has slowly stopped being so cold and white. Her work arises around this theme with the intention of touching our consciences. Something fascinating and beautiful is born from the unpleasant reality touching the soul of the spectator. Maiju Tirri uses glass, resin and recycled paint to create the illusion of ice.


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We held a round table of artists at the University of Marbella; Marbella International University Centre (MIUC). An interesting place that combines interest in contemporary art with university learning in the city of Marbella.

The invited artists were:
Santiago Picatoste, Rosa Muñoz, Miguel Quiñones, Matias di Carlo, Ana Barriga & Aixa Portero. All of them represented by galleries in Marbella. You may follow this round table on our live instagram.

The 14 art works to be auctioned were presented at BOHO CLUB MARBELLA, and will be auctioned at Red-Collectors during the MGW on-line.


Art has always been in solidarity and it is in this spirit that we are planning our Art Week, taking the following initiatives as a central part of our programme:

1. Charity Auction
Works donated by the galleries in Marbella were be presented during the MGW and auctioned on-line through the Red Collectors platform.

2. 10% donation
All sales of works during the MGW donated 10% of the value of the sale.

The proceeds from these two actions were donated to the
Marbella Horizonte Proyecto Hombre Association, an association that was founded in Marbella in 1983 to provide fundamental support to individuals and families who suffer from problems of addiction, emotional difficulties and coexistence. Problems that have been increased by the situation of uncertainty, and which the association faces with fewer resources than ever.

A global feeling with local impact.

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/ Ana Barriga / Ángeles Agrela / Beatriz Ros / Eduardo Balanza / Emmanuel Lafont / Imon Boy / Isabel Rosado / Javier Calleja / Julio Anaya Cabanding / Maria Pratts / Rosa Loy / Victoria Maldonado / Alexis de Villar / Ali Mashadiolasl / Alireza Astaneh / Eric Massholder / Farzane Vaziritabar / Fereydoon Omidi / Kambiz Sabri / Manouchehr Niazi / Mehdi Navabi / Samira Alikhanzadeh / Shahriar Ahmadi / Soozan Shahabi / Celina Pórtella / Christian Bazant / Corrado Zeni / Daniel Heil / Eder Oliveira / Fabio Baroli / Flavia Junqueira / Idowu / Oluwaseun / Iwajla Klinke / Juan Miguel Quiñones / Livia Marín / Michael Tolloy / Sali Muller / Sandra Ackermann / Stephan Kaluza · Thorben Eggers / Aixa Portero / Ángel Haro / Angélica Arbulu / Camilo Yañez / Gala Fernandez / Hubertus Hohenlohe / Javier de Juan / Magdalena Correa / Nanon Morsink / Pablo Mercado / Rosa Muñoz / Amélie Ducommun / Angela Lergo / Aurora Cid / Jesus Chacón / Teresa Carneiro / Johan Wahlstrom / José Benitez / Juanjo Viota / Manolo Oyonarte / Marifé Núñez / Marina Gadea / Pedro Rodriguez / Santiago Picatoste / Sergio Padilla / Teresa Carneiro / Zinnia Clavo / Matias di Carlo / Konstantino Dregos / Lotta Döbling / Daniel Fleur / Anders Kappel / Stefan Otto / Charlotte Walentin / Martin Ålund /

Artists represented by the galleries of Marbella


Between the 7th and 12th of December, the MWG - online took place through the RED COLLECTORS platform, where those interested could virtually visit the association's galleries, as well as attend the talks and interviews that have taken place in the first edition of the MGW.

The solidarity auction of works of art took place on this platform on the
10th of December.

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Over the last few years, Marbella has witnessed the birth of a new and vibrant contemporary art scene. This scene is made up of galleries that represent national and international artists in art fairs, both inside and outside the borders of Spain, and whose works form part of the collections of important museums and have been exhibited in such important events as the São Paulo, Lyon and Havana Biennials; and international fairs of the stature of Art Basel, Arco and Maco Zone, among others.

As a result of this new context, and with the aim of generating a cultural fabric that promotes new relationships with the public, not only in terms of contemporary production, but also with the desire to establish a synergy between art galleries, in 2020 the Unión de Galerías de Arte Contemporáneo de Marbella (MUAC) was born, made up of the following galleries: Badr El Jundi, Es Arte Gallery, Isolina Arbulu, Reiners Contemporary Art, Sholeh Abghari, Wadström Tönnheim Gallery and Yusto/Giner.

In these moments of crisis, we are aware of the unavoidable commitment that art has with society. That is why, now more than ever with MARBELLA GALLERY WEEKEND, we want to spread the voice of the artist.

To be active and present is a prevailing obligation that unites us, not only as galleries, but also as representatives of those who have put their trust in us, the artists.

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